Board of Directors

Guillaume has an ambitious vision: to transform the culinary experience in Paris. After launching the Fitzgerald, Abstinence, and Vesper restaurants on the left bank, he co-founded Fitz Group to create a platform and a professional management team to serve the group's growing list of restaurants.

Guillaume Benard

Nick, one of the co-founders of Fitz Group, is a digital marketing and software entrepreneur. He is the founder of Emailvision, a pioneer in Marketing Automation, and Jabmo, specialized in ABM (Target Account Marketing). He sits on the board of directors of iAdvize, an expert in generative AI for e-commerce.

Nick Heys

Jean-Michel, a founding partner of Fitz Group with Guillaume Benard and Nick Heys, is an entrepreneur in IT services (Founder and President of ITS Group) and hospitality (Hotel Marielle and Hotel Chamois D'Or in Val Thorens).

Jean-Michel Benard

Guillaume is a Partner at Elevation Capital Partners. His fund invests in fast-growing French startups, with solid economic foundations, positioned in innovative markets and led by ambitious entrepreneurs. Its objective is to support companies that are in the process of becoming references in their market.

Guillaume Donnedieu de Vabres

Founder of FoodXpert, a consulting firm for the food and beverage sector, Marc until recently managed the market activities of the Société Générale group. Passionate about the world of gastronomy, he personally invests in several restaurant chains.

Marc El Asmar

Thierry, an entrepreneur passionate about creation and development in Hospitality, chairs the Chalet des Neiges Group. He invested in Fitz Group in early 2023 to accelerate its expansion. Thierry is also President of the Savoie Ski Committee and the Base Camp Lodge.

Thierry Schoenauer

Richard is the founder and President of Indiana Café, a pioneer of Mexican-American cuisine in France since 1988. Today, his group has around thirty restaurants and more than 500 employees. Richard, who has degrees in law, philosophy and literature, combines a passion for gastronomy and a love of good food.

Richard Alexandre