Our Commitment to Gourmet and Eco-responsible Cuisine.

In 2023, Fitz Group made a firm commitment to becoming eco-responsible in partnership with Ecotable, to offer our customers gourmet and healthy cuisine, while guaranteeing total transparency.

For nine months, we carefully reevaluated our procurement approach and practices using Ecotable's Impact platform, an innovation to assess the environmental footprint in restoration.

After submitting all our invoices to two rigorous audits, we are proud to announce that we have obtained a Score B, an exceptional achievement for festive and experiential restaurants in Paris.

Fitz Group Strengths

Authentic home cooking, without processed products

More than 97% of our ingredients are raw and fresh, offering a culinary experience that is both gourmet and healthy.

Valorization of vegetables and legumes

Our menus offer several vegetarian options, with particular attention to the seasonality of fruits and vegetables grown in France.

Support for local farmers

We mainly source French meat to guarantee quality traceability and support our farmers.

Commitment to sustainability

We're increasingly promoting the use of sustainably sourced products, like our organic salmon at Vesper, and we don't include any fish from endangered species in our menus.

Healthy environment

We maintain a healthy atmosphere by eliminating gas emissions in the dining room and kitchen, thus ensuring the well-being of our customers and our team. In addition, we use certified ecological cleaning products, and we do not use any plastic in our cooking, heating, or serving processes.

Responsible waste management

Systematic selective sorting, recycling of used oils, installation of a grease trap, and local composting nearby in order to limit pollution linked to transport and contribute to greening the city of Paris.

Social responsibility

We integrate people with social and professional difficulties, raise awareness against violence and harassment in the kitchen, and our staff meals follow our eco-responsible commitments.

Fitz Group benefits from the Écotable Impact Platform :

An innovation to assess the environmental footprint in restaurants.

The Écotable label rewards the most virtuous establishments in France.

The 200 Points Evaluated:

Environmental health

Agriculture: Food supply production methods (conventional, organic, biodynamic agriculture, etc.).

Energy: Nature of the energy consumed (electricity from renewable sources, etc.)

Waste: Practices for reducing and recovering food and non-food waste.

Human health

Employee well-being: Measures put in place to ensure the mental and physical well-being of teams.

Direct producer link: Short-circuit work with producers, knowledge of suppliers.

Processed products: Presence of ultra-processed products, which may be harmful, in the supply.

Animal health

Livestock farming: Practices for raising products derived from animal exploitation.

Fishing and aquaculture: Methods (trawling, dredging, line fishing, etc.), areas and periods for fishing marine products.

Place of vegetables: Vegetable portion à la carte/on plates, proposal of vegetarian options/links.

Fitz Group: One more step towards sustainable hospitality.